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Fact. About 80% of your immune system lies in your gut.

This is where digestion occurs. You've heard the phrase, "you are what you eat", you are actually what you eat, digest and absorb. Digestion is a north to south process so, if you are having a problem in any way with bowel movements or are experiencing heartburn, medication isn't the place to start. We need to start with the brain. What does this mean? There's the anticipation of your meal (insert the smell of bacon cooking), chewing your food properly, having the right amount of stomach acid and enzymes to breakdown and absorb nutrients. There are so many pieces of the puzzle being left out in this description but suffice it to say that proper digestion is crucial to your overall health. So many things can go wrong. With proper Nutritional Therapy, so many things can go right!

We are bio-individual beings. By working from a holistic viewpoint with a Nutritional Therapist, we will evaluate you as a whole person. What are you feeling? What is your stress level and where is it coming from? You will respond to a Nutritional Assessment Ouestionnaire with over 300 questions that will help me to work with the symptoms that you're having. This will lead me to figure out what nutrients you may be deficient in. We can then work together to target the best way to get these nutrients through whole foods. Medical grade supplements are also an option to help boost your nutrition along with a nutrient dense, whole foods diet. In conjunction you'll fill out an Initial Intake form which will give me insight to the story of you. When you do this work, you start to realize so much about yourself and uncover key points that will sometimes help us get to the root of our symptoms. You will also fill out a 3 day Food & Mood Journal to give a glimpse of your food intake, beverage consumption, medications and supplements, movement and bowel movements.